10 Ways We Use AI in an Advertising Campaign

At PAPARICO, we love watching how artificial intelligence is advancing and how it can help deliver better results, all while making our lives a little easier in the process. We are often asked how AI plays a role in what we do, so we thought we’d publish 10 ways that we use AI in an ad campaign from end-to-end.

1. Discovering Insights

The first thing we do when starting our discovery phase is connect your various ad accounts and analytics to several AI tools and reports. Then, we sit back while the AI does the hard work finding insights such as ways to improve campaign performance, identifying high performing audience segments, or products AI predicts are going to sell well. Here is a real insight from one of our AI reports which helped provide a promotional opportunity that season for a fashion retailer:

“Last time this year, PRODUCT X saw a 400% increase in sales, collectively increasing revenue by £X. Consider promoting these or similar items for the next period.”

2. Crafting Copy

While we still use an experienced human copywriter to craft the best lines, AI can review ad copy and suggest several iterations for us to A/B test in ad variations. This allows the copywriter to focus on the core messages, while AI can take care of the more laborious task of finding different ways to say the same thing.

3. Photo Editing

There are situations where there simply isn’t the time or budget to send campaign photography off for professional retouching, and this is where AI comes in. We license several photo editing suites that leverage AI to rapidly enhance photos at the click of a button and make your social and display ads look awesome.

4. Video Ads

When creating video ads, we are supported by AI technology called an Intelligent Video Assistant (IVA). The IVA acts like a design guide helps us correct technical mistakes with the design and layout automatically. The result is great looking videos we know are optimised for legibility and performance.

5. Attention Prediction

Before launching a campaign, we place ad concepts on a target website or social media feed and use AI to predict, with 90% accuracy, how much the ads will catch attention in the context in which they will be served – all before the campaign has even begun! Heatmaps that visualise this attention are created by a machine learning model that has been trained using real eye tracking studies.

6. 24/7 Campaign Optimisation

Old way: A human monitors the campaign intermittently during business hours, making optimisations once per week based on their own experience scrolling through analytics reports.

New way: An AI monitors the campaign 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and makes optimisations/suggestions in real-time based on complex data analysis.

7. Fraud Prevention

AI detects unnatural clicking behaviour, blocking competitors and click farms wasting away your advertising budget.

8. Defeating Trolls

We deploy AI to monitor comments on social media campaigns and hide negative ‘trolling’ or spam comments which hurt your campaign performance.

9. Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

We use AI to create and combine different variations of your landing pages and A/B test them at scale. The AI quickly learns which elements of a page are statistically significantly improving campaign performance, and it starts to use those elements more and more often over the course of the campaign.

10. Monitoring and Reporting

While a campaign is running we have AI monitoring campaign performance and landing pages, looking for anomalies and making suggestions. It reports on campaign performance against set objectives and alerts us when things aren’t going to plan so action can be swiftly taken.

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