Cinco de Mayo – Our Top 5 Mayo’s

Today is Cinco de Mayo and, as a marketing agency who specialises in food and beverages, we’d like to honour tradition and celebrate this fantastic day in Mexican history than by naming our top 5 mayonnaise products!

1. Sriracha Mayo

Mexico is known for the use of chilli in just about everything, so it would be quite rude not to start with sriracha mayo which goes well with burgers, meat, and fries – especially sweet potato fries and wedges! There are a few off-the-shelf sriracha mayo brands out there but we prefer to make our own, using 4 parts mayo and 1 part sriracha sauce, a squeeze of lime, a hint of garlic, and salt and pepper to taste.

2. Perinaise

Nando's Perinaise

Staying on the theme of spicy mayo’s, next up we have perinaise. However, it cannot just be any perinaise, it has to be a cheeky Nando’s Perinaise! This famous South African restaurant chain has come out with a per-peri mayonnaise product that is similar to sriracha mayo, but different enough to occupy its own space in the fridge. The Mild version is soft enough to be added to sandwiches but in my opinion, it’s go Hot or go home!

3. Salsa Golf / Fry Sauce

Heading back over to the Americas where, in mid-1920s Argentina, a physician by the name of Luis Federico Leloir mixed ketchup and mayonnaise together to make “salsa golf” (“golf sauce”). He later went on to win a Nobel-prize for chemistry – not for his contributions to cuisine. Elsewhere, salsa golf is known as “fry sauce”. There are a few brands now selling ketchup-mayo combinations however it is very easy to make yourself. It’s easily enjoyed while eating fries and you simply mix both condiments together to taste.

4. Teriyaki Mayonnaise

If you are anything like me and enjoy katsu curries as well as teriyaki sauce (I had it for dinner last night) then you will love this delicious snack from Waitrose. It features breaded chicken bites (chicken katsu) with a teriyaki mayonnaise sauce which is so good they should sell it on its own. I went to Japan a few years ago and didn’t see teri-mayo available anywhere so I’m not sure how authentic it is, but that doesn’t bother me given how good it tastes.

Not to be confused with Japanese-style mayonnaise which is made with egg yolk and rice vinegar.

5. Hellmann’s Mayonnaise

Finally, we get to a standard mayonnaise and I’ve gone for Unilever’s Hellmann’s. I know this could cause some debate as everyone has their own brand preference! Hellmann’s is not the mayo I grew up with in Australia (which was Praise by the way), but having lived in the UK for some time now it seems to always be Hellmann’s that goes into the shopping basket. It has to be the upside down squeeze bottle too. It’s great to see that with 100% recycled bottles they have a focus on sustainability, which is something we are passionate about at PAPARICO.

So, there you have it! Our very own Cinco de Mayo. Let us know your thoughts on our social media channels.