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Long Man Brewery Environmental Sustainability Campaign

Long Man Brewery

Environmental Sustainability Campaign

Discover how we helped Long Man Brewery differentiate and achieve ROI on a campaign about environmental sustainability.

Long Man Brewery is a well-known, award-winning brewery in the south of Sussex putting out spectacular beers such as Long Blonde, Old Man, Best Bitter and American Pale Ale. What makes Long Man stand out besides their excellent range is their commitment to brewing environmentally sustainable beer.

Seeing an opportunity to differentiate themselves in this space, we were tasked with creating a campaign to communicate in a simple and cost-effective way, that environmental sustainability is at the heart of everything Long Man does.

Our objective was to raise awareness of Long Man’s sustainability story and in turn increase engagement on social media as well as increase traffic to website. We proposed a simple 3-step process:

  1. Create the right content
  2. Disseminate content through paid, owned, and earned media
  3. Measure the impact

Long Man Brewery logo

Long Man sustainability story

First, we focused on owned media content creation

We simplified Long Man’s environmental sustainability story and brought it to life using visuals and iconography.

Sustainability landing page

Homepage banner

Website Design

We re-developed the sustainability landing page with the new content, a new style, and created a banner to drive traffic directly from the homepage to the sustainability content.

Social media influencer event to generate earned media

With the environmental sustainability content now in place we set about maximising Long Man’s budget by inviting social media influencer’s to an exclusive event – a brewery tour and talk focused on sustainability and led by Head Brewer Jamie Simm, followed by a lunch and tasting.

We mapped Long Man’s social media followers and the followers of their key competitors, then set about identifying those people influential in the topic of ‘beer’ and inviting them to the event via an email campaign.

The event was a huge success, earning a series of social media posts, blog articles, and even an interview which ran on popular FM radio show Fermentation Radio hosted by Emma Inch who later went on to become the British Guild of Beer Writers’ “Beer Writer of the Year”.

Crafty Couple tweet

Rosemary blog article

Radio Reverb

Supported by paid social media

A small amount of campaign budget went towards boosting social media posts on Facebook. The objective here was to amplify the message, getting it out to the target audience within a specific radius of the brewery, drive further engagement on Long Man’s social media and drive traffic to the sustainability landing page.

The results

The campaign was a huge success. Engagement on social media increased with the Facebook promoted posts creating a significant spike in reach, page likes, page visits and engagements. Twitter saw over 14K impressions and 371 engagements in less than 2 months.

At the minimal cost of a hosted brewery tour, we generated earned media in the form of blog posts, social media posts, and a radio interview. The value of the earned media was estimated to be far more than the cost of the event itself.

Engagement on the website’s sustainability content increased across all metrics but one – average time on page which reduced – however that was due to simplified content.

Most importantly, the sustainability landing page delivered ROI for the first time ever.

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