Marketing strategy agency

Marketing Strategy Agency

We help you prepare your marketing plan such as setting your vision and mission, goals and objectives, strategies and tactics.

Strategic analysis

Strategic Analysis

Where are we now?

A good marketing strategy is based on insight and we can conduct a situation analysis for you so that you understand where you are now.

  • 3C's analysis: Customer, Company (Brand), Competitors
  • PESTEL analysis: Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental, Legal factors
  • SWOT analysis: Strenghts, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats

The situation analysis will ideally be conducted via a combination of customer market research, competitor intelligence, desk research, and internal stakeholder workshops.

Setting vision and mission

Vision & Mission

Where are we going and why?

Once the situation analysis is completed we are in a position to help you craft vision and mission statements for your business or brand.

Your vision will be a clear and concise statement outlining the long-term future position for the brand - where you want to be.

Your mission is a clear statement outlining your brand's reason for being - why you do what you do.


Brand Positioning

A positioning statement helps you understand who your target customer is, what category you compete in, and how your brand stands out from the competition.

The core elements of a positioning statement are:

  • Target audience description and customer insight
  • Competitive frame of reference - category
  • Differentiating core benefit - USP
  • Reason(s) to believe - proof to support USP

The final positioning statement will look similar to this:

To [target audience & insight], Brand X is a [frame of reference] that [core benefit] because [reason to believe].

Which way


How will we get there?

The GOST framework outlines your marketing goals, objectives, strategies and tactics.

Goals should be broad outcomes which, when achieved, move you closer to achieving your mission.

Objectives should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound (SMART) steps to achieve your goal.

Strategies outline your plan of action for how you will achieve your goals. They do not need to be tangible but should be clearly understood.

Tactics are the specific, tangible action you will carry out to achieve your strategy. These should be detailed and included measures of success.

Social media mix

Marketing Mix

The marketing mix is largely tactical and helps a business achieve the overall marketing strategy. The four P's of the marketing mix are:

  • Product - What customer needs/wants does what it is you sell, satisfy? How is it different?
  • Price - What pricing strategy and price point is optimal?
  • Placement - Where your product or service will be distributed and sold
  • Promotion - The advertising and promotion (A&P) plan, channels, messages, and tactics

There are three additional P's for services marketing:

  • People - Providing adequate and trained human resources to interact with your customers
  • Process - Mapping processes and designing systems for employees to follow efficiently
  • Physical Evidence - Tangible assets that give a customer the perception of quality

Digital Marketing Strategy

A digital marketing strategy is not very different to a marketing strategy. It is essentially a marketing strategy focusing entirely on digital channels.

Situations where a business might need a digital marketing strategy are:

  • Where a business solely conducts business online, such as an ecommerce company who might use influencers to promote their business
  • Where a business doesn't have budget or resources to use traditional marketing channels such as TV, radio, print, outdoor, etc.
  • Where a business is transitioning from using a traditional marketing strategy and needs to focus on building up it's digital marketing efforts
  • Where a business is focused on performance marketing and wants to utilise the easier to measure performance of digital channels