PPC Agency

Townley-Jones is a leading pay-per-click advertising agency experienced in Google, Microsoft, Meta, and LinkedIn ad platforms.

PPC advertising
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PPC Services

We offer a wider range of PPC services including:

  • Search engine advertising / paid search i.e. Google, Bing
  • Banner advertising / display advertising e.g. Google Display Network
  • Premium display advertising e.g. BBC Good Food, Men's Health, Women's Health, Diabetes Strong, etc.
  • 3D banners
  • YouTube video ads
  • Amazon PPC
  • Social media advertising / paid social
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AI Advertising

We leverage the power of AI and machine learning to get better ROI on your ad spend.

We optimise your Google, Microsoft, Meta, and Amazon ads using innovative AI and machine learning which helps manage your campaigns 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

AI automatically scans Facebook comments on your ads, and hides any negative comments.

AI boosts Amazon PPC bids during higher volume predicted days and during peak hours.

What results can machine learning ad technology deliver?

Tested across nearly 33,000 campaigns

% median increase in clicks

% median CPC decrease

% median CPA Decrease

% median increase in conversions

Premium display advertising BBC Good Food

Premium Display Advertising

Target people by interest, behaviour, and demographics based targeting, including over 60 therapy areas in health. Machine learning technology accelerates your growth in reaching these audiences.

3D/AR Display Advertising

Product Visualisation, Interactive Print, Filters & Effects, Treasure Hunts, Virtual Try-On, Avatars, Packaging, Quizzes & Surveys, Immersive 360, Mini-Games, Data Visualisation.

Interactive Mobile Advertising

Get your audience swiping, tapping, and touching to drive deeper brand engagement. We utilise AI to give you performance-optimised ad creative within days.

Machine learning algorithms optimise bids, score inventory, and apply computer vision to understand which individual creative assets to adjust to maximise performance.

Low budget advertising

Low Budget Advertising

Save money with our DIY campaign service. Simply fill in a few questions and we will utilise AI to get your campaign live for you in no time! Just click the banner on the right of your screen.

From £10 per day ad spend, and £40 + 20% commission on ad spend per month management fee. Works with:

Google Search Ads

Bing (Microsoft) Search Ads (sync'd with Google Ads)



Meta (Facebook & Instagram) Only

Multivariate Testing for Ad Campaigns

Find winning creative in half the time. Multivariate testing can deliver over 50% better ad performance. Watch the video below to learn more.

Variations we can test:


Graphics (.svg) e.g. different colours

In-Image Copy

Out-of-Image Copy (headlines, primary text)